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Fortis Energy, a subsidiary of UCK Holding, commenced energy production activities in 2014 under the name of Başakkent Energy and Berak Energy. Berak Energy, a company in the renewable energy generation sector since 2014, changed its name to Fortis Energy in 2019. Following the amalgamation with Başakkent Energy in 2021, Fortis Energy consolidated all its activities. Fortis Energy is presently engaged in energy investments in the Balkans, Türkiye, and the Netherlands.

Fortis Energy’s solar and biogas power plants generate over 460.000.000 kWh of electricity annually. With facilities in various locations in Türkiye, such as Manisa, Denizli, Afyonkarahisar, İzmir, Bilecik, Balıkesir and Burdur, Fortis Energy has become one of the leading companies in meeting the country’s energy needs. Additionally, Fortis Energy implements turnkey EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) projects for wind, solar, and biogas power plants in various Turkish cities and the Balkans. In Izmir, there are also investments in geothermal and green hydrogen. Fortis Energy, besides energy production, offers charging solutions for electric vehicles under the Fortis Charge brand. Fortis Charge network includes over 100 charging stations.

The world has shifted towards clean and sustainable sources within the framework of green transformation. Renewable energy sources and alternative energy production methods have gained increased importance in terms of both energy costs and climate/environmental considerations. Fortis Energy, focusing on electricity production from renewable energy sources, aims to be a technological hub and R&D center for production and application with its eco-friendly solutions, automation, and software systems.

In the investment process for solar, wind, and biogas projects, activities such as permits, engineering, procurement, and installation are carried out within the group companies and their resources. Steel construction is also done in company facilities. The post-installation maintenance, repair, operation, monitoring, and security processes are undertaken by Fortis Energy’s Forcare brand, specializing in advanced plant management based on remote management and automation.

Fortis Energy owns solar power plants with a combined installed capacity of 190 MW, generating an annual output of 300.000.000 kWh of electricity. The company also possesses two biogas facilities in Turkey and one in Serbia. The biogas power plants, with capacities of 9,36 MW in Burdur, two 3,12 MW in Denizli and 3 MW in Dolovo are consistently operating at high capacity.

In addition to biogas and electricity production, organic fertilizer is manufactured in the biogas power plants, which have an annual total electricity production potential exceeding 160.000.000 kWh. There are plans to commence the production of renewable natural gas (biomethane) by upgrading biogas in the long term.

Fortis Energy aims to achieve a total of 2 GW of renewable energy projects in the Balkans within five years. The first phase of the project, the 80MW Oslomej Solar Power Plant, was built in North Macedonia. Fortis Energy aims to be one of the leading companies in the sector in Europe.