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Your power plants are actively monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by means of software and systems developed by Solar Control, one of our holding companies, which makes a difference with its experience in SPP remote control.

In addition to the plant tracking application, included in the GES Operating System;
• Panel cleaning
• Annual maintenance
• Annual washing
• Torque control
• Grounding test
• Efficiency tests
• Panel tests
• Panel temperature with thermal cameras
• Radiation tracking
• Electric wire drawing around the power plant
• It is the positioning services of security cameras.
• Energy production capacity
• Energy consumption
• Panel efficiency
• Environmental safety
• Monthly invoice

A meticulous team work is provided in the main headings. Telephone support is provided for the immediate detection of any malfunction that may occur in the switchboard and for the elimination of the malfunction. At the same time, you can access the data of the switchboard whenever and wherever you want with the "Solar Control" user name and password to be delivered to you.