Career > Performance Management System

Within the scope of our human resources strategy, we aim to acquire and maintain a qualified employee profile within the organization. We strive to continuously improve performance in the field of talent management through effective performance appraisal, employee development and career management practices.

In our company, a performance evaluation system is implemented for an effective and objective evaluation, in which goals, business results and personal competencies are considered together. This system allows managers and employees to share mutual expectations, and to use concrete and measurable criteria in performance evaluation. In these interviews, the steps for the personal development plan of the employee and the training needs are determined.

Employee Talent - Value chain
The basic qualities that will drive business success forward are universally; are talented, creative, open to learning and happy employees. The contribution of company employees to their careers by increasing their skills and knowledge directly affects business success. With the career management application within the scope of the performance management system, we ensure that our employees receive effective feedback on their performance. In principle, we develop our methods in order to support employee participation and provide a working environment that increases their commitment.