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- Estimated Income Expense Data
We calculate your estimated income to be earned and expenses to be paid based on the production and consumption values ​​revealed by your power plants. In this way, we prevent you from encountering surprises during the payment or receiving periods. By calculating the parameters of your power plants, such as overproduction, percentage of excess, we not only determine possible penalties, but also enable you to take measures for the next period.

- Fault and Outage Information
In case of any malfunction of your power plants or a possible power outage caused by the distribution company; Every situation is reported by our monitoring team. By calculating parameters such as solution performance and solution time, the loss that may be caused by failure response times and energy cuts is monitored, and your plants are operated more efficiently. In addition, by calculating the highest production values ​​and 3-month production performance of your plants for that month, the operating efficiency of your plants is increased.

- Energy and Income Losses
In any production loss that may occur due to energy cuts or malfunctions; Estimated losses are calculated, maintenance and repair works are planned in order to prevent possible loss. In case of outages caused by DISCOM in the relevant period, petitions are applied to the relevant DISCOM and your income is increased by preventing potential income loss.

- Security Status
Every situation related to security activities that may occur in your power plants is reported. Improvement, maintenance and repair works are prepared in order to eliminate all safety-related and reported situations in your power plants. In this way, both the safety of your power plants and the order of the production level are ensured.

- Field Activities
Any site visit, facility improvement work, periodical maintenance work, in short, any activity related to your fields or that may occur in your power plants are indicated in detail in your reports.

- Stock status
It is important to be able to intervene without waiting for spare parts in case of malfunctions that may occur in your fields. For this reason, the tracking and number of your stocks is of great importance. Materials belonging to your stocks kept in your fields or warehouses; It is recorded according to its type, number and even brand and regular follow-up is made. When your stocks fall below a certain number, you will be informed immediately for supply.