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With the insurance company under UCK Holding, we provide you with the most reliable power plant insurance service. In case of any negativity that may be experienced during the operation period of solar power plants, the operation insurance is taken out by the companies by the investors. It is of great importance to control the suitability of the types of guarantees and the amounts of guarantees given to the investor within the scope of business insurance. The extent to which the guarantee given to the investor in this regard will cover the risks at the power plant and the premium amounts that can be paid can only be determined by performing a risk analysis by people who are experts in the field of operation and maintenance-repair.

Solar Control company has expert teams that can perform risk analysis for you without error. Insurance companies request maintenance-repair reports in case of possible damage.

For this reason, investors who do the operation and maintenance-repair themselves cannot receive the necessary payments in case of damage. As Solar Control, we fulfill all your needs in this regard. We ensure the reliability of your business without any problems by making your facility safe by providing an insurance policy with coverage and premium conditions that may be suitable for you.