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Human Resources Policies
We prioritize equality of opportunity and diversity within the framework of our human resources policy in line with the company's vision, mission and strategies. Based on respect for human rights as the basis of all our human resources practices, we work with a participatory, high performance based, creative and innovative business model in line with our future-oriented working model. We aim to provide our employees with a highly motivated and successful career life with the human resources processes and practices that we focus on with respect to people.

We attach importance to the qualifications of our employees who join the Fortis Family, as much as the technical and behavioral competence required by the position. In line with our human resources mission, our basic strategy is; In our recruitments, within the framework of our principle of equal opportunity, to ensure that people with the necessary competencies and technical knowledge, as well as those who have the characteristics of the job and the characteristics of the corporate culture, are selected.

We work to develop human resources strategies in line with our company's strategies and to implement human resources systems in all operations.