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Solar power plants, in addition to their routine work, may have hidden problems that can cause poor performance. These problems, which may not be obvious at first glance, such as loose connections, heated cables, hotspots on panels, are detected using high-tech devices such as measuring devices and thermal cameras.

√ Field thermal mapping with thermal drone, hot spot fault detection, panel pollution and ghosting detections

√ Inspection of field panels and connection points with thermal camera, predictive maintenance planning

√ Panel performance measurement with I-V Curve measurement, panel degradation controls and bypass diode troubleshooting

√ String polarity, isolation, Voc and Isc tests

√ Electrical infrastructure insulation and continuity tests

√ Leakage current function tests

√ Detection of micro cracks that may occur in panels with electroluminescence imaging test

√ Values ​​measured in the field and PAN. and OND. The production capacity of the plant is simulated through the Pvsyst program using the files. The performance measurement of the power plant is tested by checking whether the obtained value matches the current production values, and by determining the overlooked losses.